2013…You’re My Year!

216243219579778052_dEeBx3e3_cHello Friends and Happy New Year! I’m sorry for the major silence over in these parts. I’ve been soaking up the holidays with loads of family and friend time as I’m sure you all are!

I’ve also been busy with some major changes in both my professional and personal life. I know I’ve been a little cryptic if you follow me on Instagram, but I’m excited to officially announce that I’ll be moving to Seattle this February! I’ve been promoted to help lead the new PR department at another division of the company while also boosting visibility for my current division in the Washington market. I’ve been looking forward to this opportunity for quite some time and excited to follow my passions in the field of public relations!

seattle_kerry_parkSo with a new year comes new adventures! You’ll be noticing changes on the blog, including regular updates and a new blog title! I know it sounds corny but 2013 is our year. I just have a sneaky feeling. So cheers to a new start, embracing change and grand adventures!! Bring it on 2013!

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Inspiration Sunday {Dreams}

Hi friends! I’m sorry about the sporadic posting as of late. I’ve been in a bit of a funk. I’ve been struggling with a rather big decision that has me choosing between what I love and what I should want.

Have you ever been propositioned to steer away from your dreams? Have you ever wondered if your true dreams are ones that you never even knew you had? Have you ever taken a different path but discovered a new dream along the way?

I’ve been given a lot of advice on the situation from those who know me best. I’ve gone back and forth between following my passions and pursuing a new dream. And despite hearing all the pros and cons on my list, my family and friends have all given me one common piece of advice: Do what makes you happy. Follow your dreams. Trust your gut. And that’s what I’m doing. I feel such relief having made a decision and knowing I have the most amazing support system around me. I cannot wait to share the news with you!!

Weekend Recap {Oceanside Getaway}

My girlfriends and I escaped the bustle of the city for a little piece of heaven this weekend. Emily’s co-worker rents out this little Oceanside sanctuary, about 9 miles from Tillamook, Oregon, and was gracious enough to let us borrow it for the weekend. The place was seriously stunning. In fact, I wanted to just pick it up and plop it right in the city and call it home. We immediately settled in, aka, popped open a bottle of wine.

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately and haven’t been feeling quite like myself. A getaway to a secluded, beautiful and reception-free cabin with my best girlfriends and all the wine available at the Tillamook grocery store was just what the doctor ordered. Below are some pictures of the house itself. I’ll share more pics from the trip later this week. I went a little trigger-happy!

Seriously, this tub.


I attempted to help build the fire but you see that little piece of wood in the corner…that’s what I handed Catherine to start to fire. She had me go open the wine. 

Oh, and we had these little monsters with us. I can’t even describe how happy they made me. Puppy fever – high alert. More puppy cuteness to come.

Happy Halloween!

I grew up obsessed with this holiday. It happens to be momma’s favorite so we always went aaaallllll out. But since leaving my childhood home, I haven’t embraced the holiday like I used to. I’m more of the “get creative and use what I have in my closet” kind of costume girl now. I know, I’ll work on it. But I’ve decked myself in work-appropriate attire today in the spirit of the holiday and going back to my roots and traveling home to pass out candy to the new batch of neighborhood kids. I can’t wait to see my parent’s festive home, enjoy a little home cookin’ and reminisce about the days when it was appropriate for me to knock on stranger’s doors and ask for candy. Happy Halloween everyone!! Stay safe!

Work-approved Superwoman!! Not-so-work-approved 1920’s flapper from Saturday night’s shenangians

Photobooth Fun

I was chatting with my friends over the weekend about how much I adore photobooths. What a fantastically simple and creative tool to capture a person’s personality. I love how silly props can turn a camera-shy person into a “model.” Or how it is totally acceptable to act like a dork or pack on the PDA inside the booth. And let’s face it, they are always the highlight of any event.

One friend had the genius idea of setting up a photobooth at the corner of her street and see what fantastic photos are captured of perfect strangers. Imagine the stories you could assemble? You can even piece together the photos into an entertaining coffee table book.

The Magic of Harry Potter World

Okay, confession time. I’m a bit of a nerd. And by the title of this post you can probably guess that I love Harry Potter. Yes, I’m the girl who wishes magic was real. Judge away.

My sister and I checked off something on our bucket list last month and ventured to the sunny and muggy state of Florida to witness the majesty of Harry Potter World itself. I’ll let the pictures tell the story but let’s just say that you will feel it’s as magical as you think and butter beer really does taste as good as you imagined it would.

P.S. Sorry for the ridiculous number of photos. I just wanted to give you the full experience ;).

Three Broomsticks Pub and the entrance of Hogsmeade VillageArrived as soon as the doors opened!

Flirting with the conductor of Hogwarts Express. Obviously.

Forced on the Dragon Challenge roller coaster. If you plan to ride this, the red one is way more rad. It had the spins and almost vomited on the British man next to me. 

Inside Dumbledore’s Office

Only thing that would’ve made Butterbeer better would have been a shot of rum.

Obviously a Hufflepuff but a wannabe Ravenclaw.