Date Spot: Salt & Straw

I’m excited to start a semi-regular series on great date spots in and around Portland. Whether it is a casual first date or a romantic getaway for a 4-year anniversary, the city offers great opportunities to help keep the romance alive or get that flame burning!

For those of you who know me you know that I have a giant sweet tooth, which is why getting dessert is one of my favorite date activities. One of the city’s most unique scoop shops recently opened a store in Northwest Portland between Kearny and 23rd street. This farm-to-cone ice cream shop has attracted pallets across the country including Although many complain that the line at Salt & Straw is always wrapped around the block it actually makes for a perfect date spot. Kill the wait time with the basic get-to-know-you conversation or play a game of 20 questions to learn something new about your partner. Then get to the counter and be spontaneous and trying an unusual flavor like honey lavender, honey balsamic strawberry with cracked pepper, coffee bourbon, or pear with blue cheese. Then take your creamy treat and hot date and walk the quaint Northwest streets and bond over the delectableness of your dessert.

Have you ever been on a date to Salt & Straw? Would you recommend it to others?

Photo credits: 1/2/3



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