The Magic of Harry Potter World

Okay, confession time. I’m a bit of a nerd. And by the title of this post you can probably guess that I love Harry Potter. Yes, I’m the girl who wishes magic was real. Judge away.

My sister and I checked off something on our bucket list last month and ventured to the sunny and muggy state of Florida to witness the majesty of Harry Potter World itself. I’ll let the pictures tell the story but let’s just say that you will feel it’s as magical as you think and butter beer really does taste as good as you imagined it would.

P.S. Sorry for the ridiculous number of photos. I just wanted to give you the full experience ;).

Three Broomsticks Pub and the entrance of Hogsmeade VillageArrived as soon as the doors opened!

Flirting with the conductor of Hogwarts Express. Obviously.

Forced on the Dragon Challenge roller coaster. If you plan to ride this, the red one is way more rad. It had the spins and almost vomited on the British man next to me. 

Inside Dumbledore’s Office

Only thing that would’ve made Butterbeer better would have been a shot of rum.

Obviously a Hufflepuff but a wannabe Ravenclaw.