Happy Halloween!

I grew up obsessed with this holiday. It happens to be momma’s favorite so we always went aaaallllll out. But since leaving my childhood home, I haven’t embraced the holiday like I used to. I’m more of the “get creative and use what I have in my closet” kind of costume girl now. I know, I’ll work on it. But I’ve decked myself in work-appropriate attire today in the spirit of the holiday and going back to my roots and traveling home to pass out candy to the new batch of neighborhood kids. I can’t wait to see my parent’s festive home, enjoy a little home cookin’ and reminisce about the days when it was appropriate for me to knock on stranger’s doors and ask for candy. Happy Halloween everyone!! Stay safe!

Work-approved Superwoman!! Not-so-work-approved 1920’s flapper from Saturday night’s shenangians