If you really knew me…

Some of my favorite bloggers have been getting personal with their readers and I’ve loved getting to know the “real” woman behind the blog. I thought I would blatantly copy them and do the same!

If you really knew me…

…you’d know that I am a total dork. I listen to “This American Life” on long runs, have solo dance parties on Sunday mornings, geek out at museums and at the symphony, have hang out sessions with friends that inevitably turn into a discussions about literature.

…you’d know that I’ve been bitten by the puppy love bug. Nevermind the fact that I can barely take care of my self, nothing would make me happier than adding a little furry pup to make this a family of two.

…you’d know that my idea of a perfect Friday night is making a delicious gourmet meal while enjoying a bottle of Cabernet (current favorite: 2008 Columbia Crest Reserve Cabernet) and watching Harry Potter. Oh, and eating an entire pint of coffee ice cream by myself. Dessert is the only thing I’m not good at sharing.

…you’d know that I am full Chinese and speak Cantonese fluently and pretend I speak Mandarin too.

…you’d know that I am such a hopeful romantic.

…you’d know that I am a hostess junkie. No, not the Twinkie eating kind but the kind that loves to have her friends over for good food and wine. I find every excuse to gather friends together and make them try my home cooking, drink margaritas while soaking in the rays, and girl talk over a bottle or two of wine.

…you’d know that I love a good dance party.

…you’d know that I have a gazillion blog drafts that have gone unpublished. You can blame it on the perfectionist in me or the fact that I am actually really protective of my personal life or that I’m insecure about the content I share with the world or the fact that I simply love to write.

…you’d know that I take long drives when I’m upset.

…you’d know that I was classically trained on the piano for 14 years and even placed 7th in a statewide competition my junior year. Someone recently gave me the remarkable gift of old music books that made me want to play again.

…you’d know that I am a really happy person. I smile, a lot.

…you’d know that I am a planner. I plan everything. Brunches, vacations, weekend getaways, my finances, life. But this last year has taught me that the most incredible things in life are those unplanned.

…you’d know that I’ve been through a hell of year. From heartbreak to new love, to professional triumphs to office politics, to professional growth and self-discovery. This year has been one chuck full of lessons and challenges. It has taught me just how resilient and strong I really am. And also what an incredibly lucky girl I am to have this life and the people in it. Cheers to second chances…

P.S. If you’ve even made it this far, I’d love to read your “If you really knew me” posts so please post a link in the comments section!!


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