A Patriotic Potluck!

While it is strange to celebrate the 4th of July mid-week, I am welcoming this patriotic day with open arms because it symbolizes a few of my favorite things: fireworks, grilling, friends and dressing up body and food in all red, white and blue! I’m hosting a 3rd of July party (don’t ask…) on my apartment rooftop! I am sort of a hostess junkie. I love finding excuses to have friends gather!! While I am venturing to make BBQ ribs for the first time (eek!) I am challenging my friends to make delicious festive goodies to ring in the patriotic day! The winner will even get a prize :). With Pinterest being all the rage these days, will you be getting crafty and making a festive holiday dish for your Independence BBQ or will you stick with the more traditional dishes? Below are a few dishes I’m hoping my friends will attempt because I want to eat them!! Happy Independence Day all! Have fun and be safe!


all images via Pinterest


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