Got Moves Like Jagger?


Wow! What a weekend. Luckily for me, I brought some of the sunshine home with me to Portland so the withdraws won’t be so bad this time around. I’m going to attempt to recover for a few days – the food comas may take a bit of time and let’s just say this 25-year-old body doesn’t bounce back as quickly as it once did – and sift through the hundreds of photos I took of my baby sister’s graduation from college. Worry not, I’ll share all her graduation gown goodness later this week!

Okay, so the title of the post is a bit deceiving because I’m not actually interested in your dance moves. More like your date moves. But you best believe I’m listening to that song while I write this! I read this blog post from one of my regular reads and it got me thinking about date night moves – more specifically, moves of affection. How soon on a date do you start making moves? Or maybe more appropriately, after how many dates do you start to be affectionate? Not the close your door kind ( dirty minds!), I’m talking a touch on the arm or your hand on their leg or a hug at the end of the date, even perhaps a kiss? And if there are no signs of affection, at what point do you start to get the hint that he’s just not that into you?

I’m pretty sure I’m more affectionate than most. I give perfect strangers hug sometimes when they seem to need one. But what moves do you make to send the right message? When a guy doesn’t show many signs of affection on a date, I automatically conclude that the interest level is low and I move on. But am I being too quick to judge? Have I been watching “He’s Just Not That Into You” too many times?  But if he is too affectionate, does that mean he is only interested in one thing? And I usually let the guy take the lead on how affectionate to be on a date. Should I be making the first move? Tell me…what are your date night moves? How do you show a guy or girl that you’re interested in a second, third, or forever date?


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