Celebrating a Milestone

I can hardly believe I am currently jetting off to celebrate my baby sister’s graduation. Since when was she even old enough to be out of her diaper? It is amazing how quickly the time has gone and even more amazing to see the woman she has grown up to be. I think you always think of your siblings as those bratty, pesky, tag-alongs. The ones who fart in your face when you’re trying to sleep, speak loudly at you when you are hungover, fight you for the last piece of pizza, steal your favorite shirt when you want to wear it, and pick up the phone constantly while you are talking to your crush. It is hard to think of them as a grown up: someone who is capable of talking to adults as a peer, be admired for their skills, or rising to the top of a corporate empire.  But alas they do grow up and they go on to blaze their unique trails of glory.

I am so proud of her accomplishments both on paper and in her personal development. She has grown up to be an incredibly strong-willed woman who gives 110% of herself to her passions. But perhaps more importantly, she is a kind, generous, loyal, free-spirited woman who is loved and admired by so many, including her big sister. I give her a lot of shit and most days I am too hard on her. But I do this because I believe she is more capable than she even knows. We all need someone to push us like that, right? Someone who pushes us to be the best version of ourselves? Well, that’s the story I’m sticking with!

So as we celebrate her achievements this week and send her off to take her first steps into the real world, I thought I would share a few things I wish I had known in my first year as a “big kid.”

  • Be good to your body. It won’t always be so easy to rebound after a bit of abuse.
  • Invest in a nice little black dress – one that you can wear on a date or a meeting with your boss.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Uniqueness is a gift, don’t waste it.
  • Success is defined by your own happiness. If you have achieved happiness in your life then you are a successful person.
  • SAVE! You’ll never have enough money and it’ll never feel like a good time. But I promise it’ll be worth it to start saving early. Seriously, do it now.
  • Do one thing every day for yourself.
  • Be spontaneous. One day, this luxury won’t be possible so take full advantage.
  • Spend time with your friends. Not just when you can fit it in. Make time for them. They are your salvation.
  • Keep reading. Just because you aren’t in school anymore doesn’t mean your education is over. The good stuff is just beginning. Now you get to read whatever you want!
  • Love yourself. It is the only way to make room for someone else to love you too.


One thought on “Celebrating a Milestone

  1. Congrats to little Ip! I so agree with all your advice- I wish I had known all these things when I had just graduated. Also this : Have fun! Life isn’t a race, so take time to stop and enjoy yourself! Having to start at 25 is too late 😛

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