Alaska {Iditarod}

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Mine was packed full of happy activities in the sun including a very successful trip to West Elm, a birthday party at the Nines and an intimate family dinner for my birthday. Oh and if you were wondering how my “me” day was…it was fabulous. Arguably the best “me” day ever known to man. Seriously. I also managed to find a little time while soaking in the rays to finally post about my trip to Alaska!!

It has been nearly a month since I stepped foot off the jet and into a haven of snow-capped mountains. The state has experienced one the snowiest winters on record. Anchorage’s streets were fluffed with white powdered snow and soft snowflakes landed on my tongue every time I opened my mouth. It was truly a magical place.

The town was bustling with tourists and locals flooding in to see the opening ceremonies of the Iditarod. My co-workers and I layered up with our sexy snow boots and parkas to brave the freezing temps and walk around to see the competitors line up to start race day. I imagined the streets would be lined with fluffy huskies happily being petted by the gawking spectators. Far from it. These huskies were thin, athletic and very anxious to take off. Their howling enthusiasm was at times deafening as they waited, tied up, to finally line up and approach the start line. We walked miles down the start line watching the dogs be drugged tested, fed lots of delicious protein in the form of fish heads, and photographed to death by hundreds of spectators.

It was truly a remarkable trip both professionally and personally. I learned a ton about Alaskan culture including the fact that you can’t go to an event without the proper headdress. See below. I cannot wait to return to the snowy state…keeping my fingers cross that it won’t be too long from now!


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