What was scheduled to be an uneventful weekend turned out to be jammed packed with great friends, wonderful conversations and tons of good old fashioned fun! It is easy to forget the beauty and magnetism of your city until you see an out-of-towner experience its splendor for the very first time. But how do you show off Portland’s finest on a dreary, rainy day? You drive to wine country, of course!

We drove out to Newberg and stopped at the first blue sign that signaled a cluster of wineries. Lucky for us, Ponzi Vineywards is where we ended up first. If you have never had a wine by Ponzi, stop reading right now and go to your local grocery store! I insist. We tried their rosso flight and the 2009 Pinot Noir is unreal. I would’ve purchased every bottle if it wouldn’t break my little piggy bank. We visited two other wineries that day – Cooper Mountain and Hip Chick Do Wine back in the city.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the wines at other location. However, we did mark Cooper Mountain as a return spot on a sunny, summer day when we can take a glass of wine outside and enjoy the views from the lovely red picnic tables outside. Wine and girlfriends…really, what could be better?


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