Spring Forward

Shirt / Printed Pencil Skirt / Neon Rose Pencil Skirt / Twin Bell Skirt (not pictured)

Ah, spring. Something about budding flower bulbs, longer days, pastel hues, sunglasses on my face and the idea that summer is just around the corner that makes me wake up every morning with a grin on my face. Afterall, Portlanders relish the sunshine and live for those perfect summer days. We have been lucky to enjoy a few sunny days this week. Despite the freezing tempts that have accompanied the sunshine, it hasn’t stopped me from sporting spring skirts and bright colors. I received a package with a few spring items I ordered from J.Crew a few weeks back and I tried on everything immediately. See photos above. Everything was cute. Too cute. It made me want spring to arrive immediate so I could wear these adorable numbers outside my cozy living room and into the streets.

What are you most excited about for spring? And don’t forget, we spring forward this weekend! Boo on one less hour of sleep but hooray to being one step closer to spring!


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