Oh, how much I wish I was back basking in the 80 degree weather. We didn’t do much more than lounge around in the sun, although I have a pathetic excuse of a tan to show for it. It must have been my paranoid attempts to not get sunburned. Okay, and we shopped. A lot. I made dinner one night for the kids – I turn into such a mama bear when I’m around my sister’s friends. And no one got food poisoning! See Mom, I’m getting better :). We dined at a few new spots (to me) like here and here. And went to some favorites like here. Twice. And we fit in a couple more things that have little pictures attach to it. See below. Thanks to my sissy and her bestie for hosting me. Next time I go to Arizona it’ll be the wee one’s graduation! Oh, how the time flies. I can’t believe I have a baby sister old enough to be done with college. I guess that means I must accept the fact that I may be becoming officially…old.

We went on a short hike. The dog got tired so we had to turn around. Okay, fine. It was me.

We dined at our traditional brunch spot. Yes, I have traditions in my little desert haven! I had the best eggs benedict. Ever. Al had french toast. Also the best. Ever.

And we put on our cute new dresses (me in a skirt) and went for a windy walk. I had one too many Marilyn moments including one incident where my hat flew into the street into oncoming traffic. Naturally, I yelled for my sister to go grab it.

We got cupcakes at this heavenly place. Try the cotton candy if you ever go. I’m not joking. It isn’t just for 5-year-olds.

Oh, and I took a ridiculous number of pictures of my little nephew. I’m not a little dog person but how can you not love this face?!!

Thanks again for having me sissy!!


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