Jetting to Alaska

Well, my sick little body doesn’t even know what to do with itself. First I take it to the warm sunny desert, then I bring it back to the rainy gloom of Portland and now I’m jetting off to the bitter cold and snowy streets of Alaska! I’m headed up to Anchorage for a couple of days to take part in the Iditarod. No, I’m not actually racing (wouldn’t that be a sight!) but I am hoping to pet lots and lots of cute huskies! I’m bringing my camera so I’m hoping to snap lots of pictures but I’m at the mercy of someone else’s agenda so not sure how much extra time I’ll have to get snap happy! I just hope I see one moose!

It is my first work trip up to Alaska and I had nothing in my closet that would suffice for the sub-zero temps and piles upon piles of snow they have up there. So I went shopping! Here’s how I plan to stay warm…it’s all about the layers and essentials!

Sorel Boots / Columbia Vest / Columbia socks / Northface Parka / Northface Ear Gear / Hand Warmers

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Here’s hoping we stay warm and dry…all of us!


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