Relationship Advice

Have you ever dished out relationship advice? Maybe to a friend, sibling, a perfect stranger? Have you ever received relationship advice? Maybe from a friend, a sibling, a perfect stranger? Whether you’re alone, dating, in a relationship, divorced or married, everyone has given or received advice on their relationship. I’ve been getting a lot of relationship advice lately and it got me thinking: how much weight should you place on other people’s opinion of your relationship? Afterall, do they really know enough about the ins and outs of your relationship to judge it? Or perhaps their judgement is valid for them, but may not be right for you. Because at the end of the day, you’re the one who is dating him; not your friend, your sibling or that perfect stranger. At least you hope not… On the other hand, perhaps they have a clarity that you don’t have because your judgement is clouded with love?

So when does other people’s advice begin to dictate your decision-making process?
Advice is a tricky thing. Sometimes you need the wisdom of others because they can see things about your relationship that perhaps you can’t because you’re in it. Sometimes you have to take others’ advice with a grain of salt as they don’t really know everything about your relationship.  I’ve felt the frustration when my friends haven’t taken my advice especially when the choice has been so clear. And I have also chosen to not take my friend’s advice even when the choice was so obviously clear. No matter what, the choice is yours to make. Whether or not they believe it is the right or wrong one, you are the one you owe it to to make the right choice for you.

What do you think? Is relationship advice meant to be taken with a grain of salt? Or should you follow the advice of others even if it doesn’t feel right because they have your best intentions in mind?

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2 thoughts on “Relationship Advice

  1. You bring up some valid points. In my opinion, I believe that you should judge how to take each individual piece of advice. Of course it’s not so smart to follow every person’s advice because then you become a different person. However, taking into consideration and evaluating the affects it’ll have on your relationship will allow you to make a solid judgement. Although you do have a bias (whereas the advice-giver doesn’t), it’s a bias based upon the things that have happened in the relationship. So evaluation of advice is key before implementing it. Great post you have here. Very thought-provoking.

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