In This House…

My roommate Mack and I are finally starting to feel like we’re at home in our new place! We spent the majority of the weekend nesting and making the place “ours.” The furniture is all in place, photographs of loved ones are on the walls and little trinkets from grandparents and special friends are nestled in every corner of our home. While I have always been told that you should live alone at least once in your lifetime, I cannot imagine not having someone to come home to, cook meals with, gab together about our days and share in the fun of decorating. Luckily for me, I’ve got Mack for at least a year. Unless she also up and decides to get hitched and not let me live with her and her hubby like my former roommate. (cough. cough. Catherine.)

While Mack and I were looking for decor ideas for our living room, I stumbled across this amazing decal on Etsy and knew it would be the perfect addition to our home. These house rules are completely appropriate for Mack and I. Especially the line, “We say I’m Sorry” because anyone who knows us knows that phrase is uttered more than any other by the two of us. I also purchased this decal for my bedroom and it has added such a modern, sophisticated feel to my little sanctuary! I didn’t jump on this interior design trend when it was first hot hot because of the pricing but I get the appeal. Just don’t go decal crazy, I say. It can easily be overkill. The decals were fairly simple to put on but just a bit time-consuming so I would definitely recommend if you have a good spot in your home!

We’ve already hosted a couple of informal dinner parties but now that the house rules are officially up, let the gathering of friends commence!! Happy Monday everyone!


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