Happy Love Day

Happy Love Day! Happy Singles Awareness Day! Happy Valentines Day!


As cheesy and expensive as this “holiday” is, how can you resist a day that celebrates love? However you are celebrating this day,don’t forget what it is all about…Love. And I am all about love. I am a hopeful romantic after all. So while the chocolates, flowers and sweet notes are all wonderful, the real gift is to make those you care for realize how much you appreciate their love. In that spirit, thank you so much for all your love and support of this little ‘ol blog! It means the world to me! 

And along that note, sorry for the continued blog silence, I’m still moving. decorating. without internet. I think that pretty much explains it. Don’t ask how I am surviving with internet. Let just say, Apple 3G is my friend. Very good friend. I’m hoping to return to my regular digital junkie self next week!! Oh and don’t forget to smile today…it can turn someone’s day around.


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