Decor on the mind

Well, now that I’ve got a new abode, let the decorating frenzy begin! I live with an interior architect with an amazing eye for design so I’m a bit spoiled. Her room only has furniture so far and it is already to.die.for. I also have another design assistant. She goes by the name of Pinterest. Have you met?

She’s amazing. She lets you create and organize boards of inspiring and beautiful images you find all over the web. She also lets you connect with a network of fabulous people with fabulous taste and repin their images to your inspiration boards! But don’t befriend her unless you have an extra four hours a day to kill because she’s quite addictive. I find myself pinning when I’m standing in line at the grocery store, in between meetings in the elevator, even in my bed and half asleep. I love using it to pass “subtle” hints at my family on what to buy me for my big upcoming birthday or inspiration for daily workwear and home decor or just a place to go look at cute furry animals when I’m having a rough day. You can find me and everything that inspires me here. Are you pinning yet?

I’m unnaturally excited to organize, unpack and decorate this weekend! Below are just a few images inspiring the set-up of my new home! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!



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