Chinese New Year

Gong Hey Fat Choy!! That translate to “wishing you a prosperous year” in case you don’t speak Chinese. Today ushers in the Year of the Dragon. Each lunar year, one of the twelve animals of the Zodiac represents the year. People born in the Year of the Dragon are believed to be the strongest, most eccentric, intelligent and passionate. This celebration lasts for 15 days and includes lots of delicious meals with family, extended family visits and red envelopes filled with money for the children. Luckily, I’m still considered a “child” since I am not yet married. This tradition alone might be appealing enough to never get hitched. I’m kidding, Mom.

Instead of dancing, champagne and poppers, we rung in the new year with a delicious feast with friends and close family. The evening included fresh lobster, fish and even a bit of whiskey. My family tends to get a bit rowdy. We have a lot to celebrate and look forward to this year!

From my family to yours, we wish you health and happiness.

decor from a family friend’s home


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