A True Family Christmas

This was probably the quietest Christmas my family and I have enjoyed together in years, maybe even ever. And while we relished catching up with old friends and extended family and even throwing a little casino party on Christmas, it has been mostly just the four of us. Since sissy lives in Arizona, the Fantastic Four (FF) seldom gets the opportunity to reunite at the Ip-ad (haha, get it? Ok, we’re Apple dorks.) Nothing would’ve been more perfect. That’s what it is all about afterall, right? Family.

Our dynamic foursome, along with my grandmother, got dressed up for an evening of great food, delicious wine and close friends for Christmas Eve dinner at the Ringside. And before we left, we took a few family portraits. Hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful Christmas filled with lots of family and fantasticness.

P.S. Our family also welcomed its newest member, our cousin, Jeremiah Mo, who arrived on Christmas day weighing 7 lbs 2 oz, 20″ long and a full head of beautiful black hair. Congrats to the Mo’s on your little miracle. We can’t wait to meet Baby J!


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