Dance the Night Away

Do you ever wonder what your parents’ lives were like before you were born? It is hard to imagine they had lives before us and even weirder to see their lives after you (have moved out of course.)  Since my sister and I have fled the nest, my parents have decided to start living their lives again; taking on new hobbies, partying like rockstars with their friends every weekend and going on romantic trips JUST THE TWO OF THEM! One of their post-kids-out-of-the-house hobbies is ballroom dancing. They invited my sister out and I out to their holiday dance party and we witnessed their elegant waltz, sexy tango and booty shaking cha cha cha. It was a perfect evening to spend time with family and find an excuse to get dressed up and sport some bright red lips! My sissy and I had to have a few cocktails ourselves before we braved the dance floor.

The countdown to Christmas is ON!! I still have a few last minute gifts to purchase and a few (read: all) of my presents to wrap. But the holiday parties, dinners and gift exchanges are in full swing and I couldn’t be merrier. So cheers to a merry and safe Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Dance the Night Away

  1. Hi Amanda!! I recently discovered your blog and love looking at it. I just showed Marissa your parents’ dancing photos and she loved them. Anxious to hear about the apartments you and Mackenzie check out today. Have a wonderful Christmas and I will see you after the New Year. I am always on the lookout for you for that perfect match and future ballroom dance partner!! Love, Joy

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