Got Chemistry?

In high school, I struggled through my AP Chemistry class. “Chem-is-Try” my teacher always said. And boy did I try. While I no longer have to recite the elements on the Periodic Table or graph a titration curve, chemistry now plays a much different (read: more natural, aka less trying, but equally confusing at times) role in my life – my love life that is.

Chemistry is the study of the interaction between matter and energy.  In relationship speak, it is the attraction two people have for one another: it’s the spark, the feeling that you can completely be yourself around them, the discovery of your common taste in music or sports teams, the laughter of you being chased around the living room furniture and the happiness you feel sitting on the kitchen counter with a glass of wine while your man cooks you a delicious meal and catches you up on his day.  For many, chemistry is key to making a relationship work. But is chemistry instantaneous? Or if you don’t have chemistry with someone right off the bat, does that mean the relationship is doomed to fail?

I’ve experienced both. I’ve had the relationship where it was slow to initially connect but one day you find your relationship has turned from friendship into something more – much more. I’ve also experienced that instant connection where you don’t stop laughing or chatting the first time you meet and wonder how it is possible the restaurant is already closing because you just sat down for dinner. So which is better? Which type of chemistry is the formula for happily ever after?  Well, obviously I don’t know the answer because I’m still searching for Mr. Right over here!

What’s been your experience? Instant or slow-to-grow?

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6 thoughts on “Got Chemistry?

    • @Erin – Obviously the slow to take off resulted in a life of soaring the skies together!! Oh god…I should really stop with the analogies. So happy for you and KP – one of my all time favorite couples :). Merry Erinmas!!!

  1. Well…not sure if little miss Alexis filled you in on my life Amanda hehe. But the latest development was almost a combination of both. I love love love your new blog. Love getting the words of wisdom even if you’re not here with me and Alexis haha. Can’t wait for you to visit again! You should write some time about your thoughts on friends with benefits. I feel like you’d have such a good outlook and opinion on it hehe. One day perhaps?

    • @Tina – Thank you sweetheart!! I definitely think a combination of the two is the best. That initial spark keeps you interested enough to keep learning more about the person. I know that sometimes I am too quick to judge a person/situation. I don’t know how much wisdom I’m passing on but at least you can learn from my not-so-graceful tumbles along the way! I’ll definitely put a “friends with benefits” post in the queue.

  2. Slow to grow.. slow to end.. YOU NAME IT LADY! But, you already knew that about me. I have no doubt that Mr. Right is going to come knocking on your door just when you least expect it. Maybe he’s already living next door…that’s the BEST kind of chemistry-making! Trust me 🙂

    • hahahaha…I better find some cuter neighbors!! Ones who are not married with children. You are my dating guru, Al but I have to tell you that I’m having an awfully good time searching for Mr. Right! Can’t wait to fill you in.

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