Getting in the Christmas Spirit

You figure that working in the retail business would have me singing Ho Ho Ho for months before Christmas. But being so absorbed in the “holiday spirit” has me feeling a little bit more like the Grinch and I’m ready for this holiday to be O.V.E.R. This is an unfortunate matter because I L.O.V.E. Christmas.

However, work is returning to normal next week (read: no longer traveling 2-3 days a week and working weekends while trying to keep up with the holiday demand) and family and friends are starting to trickle in for the big holiday. My sissy comes into town tonight and my best friend will fly in on Sunday. Something about having these two back within a hugs reach has me humming Christmas songs and dreaming about frosting little sugar Santas and snowflakes. I’m gearing up for a couple of holiday parties this weekend and some mad last minute shopping, which don’t be worried, I’m an expert at. For now, I’m switching over to my holiday Pandora station and signing carols while I work. Hope you have a Happy Holly Weekend!!

Details of decor around my parent’s house this time of year.


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