Restaurant Review {Tasty n Sons}

One of Portland’s finest features has got to be the plethora of food destinations around the city. I love trying Portland’s well-known food establishments, rising hot spots, and unknown hidden gems. Last weekend, my former roommate was sans her husband for the first time since getting hitched. So I had custody of her for a day.  I picked her up super early (6:15 to be exact) and drove up to Grand Central Fred Meyer to shop for Christmas presents for kids of the Clark County Sharing Project. We worked up an appetite after all that shopping so I took her to one of Portland’s famous brunch spots – Tasty n Sons. Her hubby better be careful…I may have spoiled her for good.

We started with a couple of hot Johnny Applejacks (If we rounded up, it would’ve been noon!) After much debate, we ordered their delicious Bambino Plate – scrambled eggs, bacon, 2 biscuits with honey butter. Oh my were those honey buttered biscuits delicious. I would go again just for those biscuits. Did I mention the biscuits were delectable with all its southern flaky goodness? We also tried their Polenta and Sausage Ragu with mozzarella and fried egg. I have to admit that we were a little nervous to try this dish. It was certainly one of the more unusual ones on the menu but we are so glad we did. In fact, we reminisced about it last night at dinner about that exact dish. The creamy polenta wrapped in a layer of mozzarella left every cheesy bite melting in our mouths. All the elements may seem rich on their own but blended together in this dish, each ingredient balanced perfectly with one another. We highly recommend it. Sorry for the lack of photos but my fingers were too busy wrapped around a biscuit – honey buttered biscuit.

Tasty n Sons is mostly a walk-in restaurant. We went around 11am and got seated right away at the bar but I would anticipate a bit of a wait. Parties of 6 or more can make a reservation by calling the restaurant. Open daily for brunch and dinner: 9am – 10pm, Friday and Saturday until 11pm. Located at 3808 N. Williams , Suite C in Portland, Ore.


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