Inspiration Monday {Kindness}

Mondays are traditionally the hardest day of the week, right? I know I hate hearing the soft chimes ring for the fourth time after hitting the snooze on my phone and realizing that this time I really have to crawl out of my warm cocoon. We could all use a Monday morning inspiration.

So I found a few inspiring words about kindness for your Monday morning. Gestures of kindness come in small and large packages but the effect is always the same. While I try to use kindness to approach every situation with every person, I’m challenging myself this week with doing 5 random acts of kindness grabbing inspiration from this list by Oprah. Here’s mine, what’s yours?

1. Bring my team breakfast for our staff meeting 

2. Send flowers to a friend I appreciate.

3. Write someone a hand-written note who has been going above and beyond lately at work telling them how much you appreciate their hard work.

4. Take my parents out for dinner just because they are so wonderful.

5. Put someone else’s shopping cart in the corrals at the grocery store so they don’t have to. Especially if it is raining.

all images via amandaip on PInterest


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